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Our beloved Saffron making her selections

We are proud to carry a broad variety of formulated diets; including Harrison's, Scenic (Marion Zoological), Roudybush, Lafeber, Zupreem, and Dr. D's.

We believe passionately that seed is a completely inadequate diet; it contains virtually no vitamins or calcium or protein, all requirements to build a healthy bird. Sunflower seeds are particularly harmful as their poor calcium/phosphorus ratio can actually cause calcium to be leached from the bones.

We want your bird to be healthy! We are very experienced in converting birds to pelleted diets and will recommend one or two brands that we feel your bird is most likely to consume and offer tips on conversion.

You may also purchase products specifically designed to assist in conversion, such as Harrison's Bird Breads. These breads that you cook are irresistible to most birds and transition them to consuming pellets.

Other healthy treats such as Lafeber PelletBerries offer a handheld cluster of pellets (81%) and seeds that help get birds accustomed to the taste of pellets and are on their own a more complete diet than seeds alone. (and, more nutritious than more commonly found Nutri-berries).

We feel strongly that a big part of our mission is to help you improve the diet of your bird and therefore his quality of life-in fact, diet is the single most important factor to improve the health and wellbeing of your bird.