Welcome to birdStuff

We are the bird store committed to providing:
"all the best stuff for the discriminating parrot."

Our supply store and state of the art boarding facility is located at:
210 South Tustin Street, Orange, CA 92866
Phone Number: (714) 639 - 6039

When you walk into birdStuff™, you will notice the nostalgic, home-like decor. We have created an environment that we hope will make your visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Located in a lovingly restored 1950's home, birdStuff™ combines home-like touches, such as the hardwood flooring and sunny yellow paint in the boarding areas, with state-of-the-art animal husbandry technology that you won't find at any other facility in the United States. This attention to detail will make your pet feel at home when you leave town and he comes for a little-or extended-stay.

A few highlights include the use of filtered water, four separate independent HVAC zones with NO recirculated air flow between continent-specific boarding rooms, full HEPA filtration of air, 15CFM constant negative airflow in each room, natural sunlight, and unique, custom-designed enclosures that are thoroughly disinfected between guests.

Our approach to "toys" is different, too. We take special satisfaction in assisting owners who say their bird "won't play with toys". All birds, including finches and canaries, posess natural behaviors that we humans might define as play. Our goal at birdStuff™ is to provide products that develop those abilities, stimulate curious minds and encourage exercise.

At birdStuff™, you will find an amazing variety of toys sourced from all over the world along with suggestions for introducing them and "teaching" your pet to play. A large number of our toys are interactive and refillable, and we offer a unique assortment of parts to build your own toys, including stainless steel kabobs and chains for use as bases. Finally, we will consult with you to be sure the toys you select are safe for your particular bird. We carry hard-to-find hardware in stainless steel and other durable, safe materials.

The professional, experienced staff is here to answer your questions and concerns, and to work with you on an individual basis. We pride ourselves on individual attention given to each bird delivered with a personal touch. It is our stated goal to "send every boarder home in some way better than he came to us". Perhaps that means converting him to pellets, teaching him to enjoy his baths, or training him to stay on a perch stand. Establishing lasting relationships with you and your flock is our top priority.


birdStuff™ has received two wonderful awards-look under "Press and Recognition" for full details. In December 2007, readers of BirdTalk magazine voted us the number one bird store in the US! And in July '08 we were chosen by the editors of Pet Product News magazine (the primary trade magazine in the pet industry) as one of the top twelve pet stores (of all types) in North America! We are very proud of this recognition and want to thank each and every one of our customers without whom we would not exist. We promise we'll keep working every day to continue to earn your trust.

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