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Fulton’s Story

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My name is Fulton. I'm a five year old Severe Macaw. I used to be a nut addict and a feather picker. When my mom went to Greece over the summer she boarded me at Bird Stuff for two months. When she dropped me off with Donna I was taking meds twice a day for anxiety and feather picking. My uric acid levels were very high and my diet was really unhealthy. My mom tried to give me pellets lots of times, but why eat pellets when I could have nuts? I know nuts are bad for me, but I love them. I couldn't help myself and I knew my mom would spoil me and give me what I wanted. Donna was a lot more successful with me.

While my mom was away, Donna weighed me every day while she slowly converted me over to Harrison's pellets and veggies. Now I only eat two almonds a day and I have to work hard to find them inside my foraging toy stuffed with nesting material. It's a lot of fun. I also enjoy my pellets and veggies, but I'd do just about anything for my two almonds a day. Donna also helped wean me off of my meds, so I no longer feel sleepy all of the time. I'm so happy not to take that stuff anymore.

All of my old raggedy dull feathers have been replaced by beautiful, new, bright, full plumage and I don't feather pick anymore. My uric acid levels are finally normal. I'm back with my mom now and I really missed her. My mom's been good about maintaining my new diet and routine and we're both very grateful to Donna at Bird Stuff and Dr. Nemetz too.

From Syrah's mom and dad:
Vacations were always stressful worrying about who was going to watch our macaw, Syrah. Some vacations were even cancelled at the last minute to eliminate the stress. When birdStuff™ opened, our vacations became carefree, knowing that Syrah was getting the best care possible. We tell everyone that she goes to “camp” and she always comes home to us a sweet, loving bird which lets us know that she loves her stay with Donna.

Paco's mom says:
Thank you so much for taking such loving care of my Paco. It sounds like he had a great time "talking" to the other amazons. I appreciate all the effort you have made to ensure the health and safety of our precious winged friends.
April 2009
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