Staff | birdStuff

Pictured left to right are Alicia, Alexis, and Griselda

birdStuff is proud of our staff! 

Two of our staff members, Donna Garrou and Alicia Steele who manages the store, have received their Avian Certification from the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

Griselda Salcedo lives with a pair of lovebirds that she adores and recently increased to three days per week at birdStuff.

Our newest staff member, Shelby Farnell (not pictured), is going to school to be a Veterinary Technician and had a special touch with the birds right off the bat.

Donna has been here since the start (ten years!) and the rest of the staff has a combined 5 years working at the store. 

We know your birds and treat them like family-because they are! 

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