Boarding Requirements

All Birds:
  • Psittacosis (Chlamydophylia) Test
  • General Exam with Basic Blood Work (CBC) within past year
  • PVD (Polyoma) Test
  • PBFD (Beak & Feather) Test (except finch/canaries)
Large Birds (excludes cockatiels, finches, canaries, lovebirds, budgerigars):
  • PsHV (Herpes) Test
  • PVD Initial Series of Two or Booster Vaccination within past year (recommended but not required)
After the bird has had the above testing, the tests (except for CBC & PVD vaccine) will not have to be repeated if the bird does not come into contact with other birds (boarding, bird marts, etc.) You will need to sign a statement to this fact each time you board. If you have boarded your bird somewhere else, the tests will need to redone if there are birds for sale at the facility or grooming done there, which re-exposes birds to disease directly as well as via products and food.

  • Small birds (keet, lovebird, 'tiel)                       Junior Suite                 $21.95
  • Medium birds (all conures to small cockatoos)    Single Suite                $25.95
  • Large birds                                                      Double Suite (45" W)  $36.95
  • Small birds (keet, lovebird, 'tiel)                       Traditional Cage           $22.50   
                •    15 x 16 x 28"H 
Pricing includes daily thorough cage cleaning, spot cleaning throughout the day, bird weighed each morning, and seed supplied (You will need to bring your own pellets). We serve warm cooked vegetables each day. Perches/bowls supplied. Optional services you may request include:
  • Cutting up & serving fresh vegetables/fruit you provide      $6.50
  • Heating & Serving food you provide                                  $5.75
  • Bath (warm water spray) & Sun Dry Outdoors                    $8.95
  • Warmed "Crazy Corn  du Jour"                                          $5.75
  • Extra "perch" time out of cage per 30 minutes                    $5.95

You may reserve a larger enclosure or specific location for your bird if you wish, depending on availability. Large macaw species and Moluccan cockatoos are required to stay in double suites (45” wide) if staying longer than one night. Reservations are required and drop-offs and pick-ups must be made during hours of operation. Please note: Charges are per day, not per night. Daycare (drop off and pick up same day) is charged for one day, but all overnight stays are charged for a minimum of two days regardless of time picked up.

Carriers and What to Bring:
Because we may be caring for a large volume of birds, we ask that you take your carrier back with you. We provide individual boxes for each bird's supplies but space can be limited during busy times; therefore we ask that you limit the supplies to a reasonable amount of food and treats (no large buckets or tupperware) and one or two favorite toys for the cage. If you are worried that your bird will go through all his toys, just let us know and we will add something nice for him that he will love.

Visiting Your Birds:
Sometimes you may have to leave your birds for an extended time, such as when remodeling a house or moving. You are welcome to come in and visit your boarding bird during that period, during the hours of 11AM-4 PM. We do not allow visiting during the other hours to give us time to properly care for all the boarders and their needs.
Charges will be added during the stay and you will pay upon pickup. The exception to this is long term boarding of more than one month duration. You will be asked to pay for one month in advance, and to provide a credit card for charges to be paid on a monthly basis.

We look forward to meeting your feathered kids and having them join us for a while!

Revised 1/2016
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