Feeling a Bit "Tatty"

Don't forget me!
Gotta clean this big nose...

So refreshing...

Look at us glowing now!

Baths are not a luxury, but rather a necessity for your birds. We are happy to give your bird a mid-stay or a take-home bath.

What about birds that are averse to baths? We will "train" them to accept baths. Using a very fine spray directed high into the air and away from the face, after a few sessions, even the most reluctant bather will begin to flap and preen when he sees the bottle.

For birds accustomed to the bath, we will provide a drenching warm water spray, paying special attention to dirty areas, and allow the bird to dry in a padlocked stainless steel cage on our semi-sun/shade patio. The cage includes a 12 inch diameter stainless bowl that the bird can enter if he/she wants to get into the act (it will be filled with shallow water for smaller birds for safety). A small amount of an appropriate bath spray will be added to the water depending on the bird's needs (for example, dander reducer, shine spray, or molt ease). The time the bird is exposed to the natural ultraviolet rays is also essential to the health of birds, and it is recommended by avian veterinarians that all birds receive at least a 30 minute session weekly in natural light. In cooler weather, birds are gently blown dry.

For birds that get really dirty (such as cockatoos with stained feathers) we offer a "sink bath" with a pH balanced coconut-oil based cleanser made especially for birds, which we also carry in the store for occasional home use.

For small birds such a cockatiels,  that don't tend to their tails well, we provide a soak in lukewarm water that also pays special attention to feet and fluffy bottoms.

For our duck friends, we have a 5 foot stainless steel tub for a swimming and bathing experience par excellence.

You'll love bringing home a velvet-soft, sweet-smelling bird after a long trip and the convenience of having someone else do the dirty work for you!

Baths can also be arranged by appointment for birds that are not currently boarding..bring the bird in while you take the dog to the groomer! (birds must have had health testing prior to dropoff)
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